The Lane News


It’s progressing well on-site at The Lane. Blocks A and B are almost fully clad and enclosed. We’re already booking in the hard landscape team to commence works around these townhouses.

The other blocks are also pressing on with cladding works – Block G being the most advanced, and almost fully clad. The last of the roofs are being completed this week – subject to weather as the recent storm has meant our roofers have remained grounded. But are now back it in full force.

Our survey team has applied to Hutt City Council for s223/4 subdivision certification approval. We expect that it will take them around 4 weeks to process our application. The latest land survey transfer plan has also been supplied to our solicitors for review.

We’re looking to hold a street name unveiling ceremony in the early stages of next year, which we will keep all purchasers informed when this will be held closer to the time. We can now formally disclose that ‘Eruera Love Lane’ is the new street name which HCC has approved. Background information on Eruera Love will be supplied in your settlement packs.


Frames and scaffolding are up, majority of blocks are all wrapped and roofs are going on at 3-4 of the blocks already.  This is great progress on-site, and the crews are really putting in the effort to keep momentum going and are making the most of this stretch of fine weather.  Windows are due to be on-site shortly – yet another good milestone reached.

With the recent elevation in Covid-19 levels both in Auckland and nationwide, it’s a timely reminder that whilst we are looking to have all the homes completed early next year – there is potential for construction to halt due to lockdowns. We continue to work as quickly, but as prudently, as possible to meet our programme.


All slab foundations have been poured and are now completed.  Framing and structural steel work is up on almost all of the Blocks which is fantastic progress, and we really appreciate our construction crews working through fairly testing wintry conditions.  The civils contractors are finishing up minor items currently, and we’ll look for Council approval and sign-off shortly. 
Just a reminder that this is a construction site, and we do not permit anyone other than inducted employees, consultants or contractors onto the site.  Please do not enter the site at any time whatsoever. 
Please see link below for update on July drone footage.


APRIL / MAY 2020

While we’ve been busy in our home offices for the past six weeks, the reduction in COVID-19 levels from 4 to 3 has allowed construction work at The Lane – Waterloo to re-start. Our workers will be operating in ‘team bubbles’ and adhering to the construction protocols set out by the Government.
Our contractors are back establishing the house foundations across the site and while this work continues we are talking with our suppliers and contractors for the next phase of construction work, which will be erecting the frames, structural steel for each block and then completing the houses from there. We now have four build crews on board and are working to re-programme site activities for maximum safety and productivity.
We want to reassure our buyers that we remain committed to delivering these new homes as soon as possible, and without compromising safety or quality.


MARCH 2020

Covid-19 is now a reality for all of us. Our project sites have been shut down as per Government instruction and we fully support this measure with the growing risks to all of New Zealand. Our staff are now working from home and remain available on phone and email. We will also remain in contact with our contractors and will be communicating our plans for this development once we have further clarity from the Government. We acknowledge that these are unprecedented and uncertain times for all involved but want to reassure all our buyers and contractors that we remain ready to restart activities as soon as possible after the current restrictions are lifted.

In terms of progress on site, the new road is now sealed and our civil & infrastructure works are completed. We’ve also been busy putting almost 600 piles into the ground, getting in-slab drainage in place and foundation slabs prepared for each Townhouse. Our first two slabs are now poured and we have builders contracted and ready to start work on erecting the house framing and structural steel.




Our last few contracts have now gone unconditional which is great news for all the buyers as we head into the holiday season.  I expect we’re all looking forward to closing out 2019 and then taking a break with long spells of sunny weather and lots of kiwi summer activities ahead.

For our project team, we’re almost at the end of the Civils and Infrastructure phase and we’ll go into the holiday period ready to start the house foundation works in mid January.  Each new lot is now fully serviced with GAS, Power and Fibre connections ready to go and the three water services in place ready for the new house connections.  It’s been a tough six months in terms of weather with plenty of disruption to our programmes but our contractors have managed things well and are now almost at the finish line with the final road sealing work scheduled to occur before Christmas.  We’ve also been replacing a lot of the older boundary fencing over the past month so we want to thank our patient neighbours for working with us during this time.

We’ve taken some drone footage over the past few months which shows the extent of the site and progress made.  We’ll keep doing this as the project continues to ‘record the journey’ so check back for updates.  Link to most recent drone footage: Click here.

With all our consents in place, and foundation contractors locked in for a new year start, we’re looking forward to a big year of house building next year.

Have a great Christmas everyone and see you in 2020.



Now only 5 left!  These townhouses have been selling like ‘hotcakes’ over the past few months, so don’t delay.  We have only one 2-bedroom and four 3-bedroom townhouses left.  Call our agents today if you’ve been thinking about securing a brand new home in Waterloo.

Our civil contractors have been busy over the past few months establishing brand new storm water and sewer lines throughout the site and finishing off the new section platforms.  We’ve almost finished installing the new underground services for GAS, Power, Fibre and Water so things are moving along nicely.  There’s still plenty to do as we’ll be working on the new Lane, footpaths and installing the street lights next.  Things are on track to be setting out the new townhouse foundations by Christmas.

We are very close to receiving our building consent approvals and are talking with multiple builders and sub-trades to establish the build team for the next phase of construction work.  Stay tuned for further updates.

You can contact Linette on: 021 225 6453 or 

Or Mark on: 027 443 8069 or

JULY 2019


We’ve completed all the demolition work now and our contractors have moved into the Earthworks and Infrastructure stage which means they get to play with their big diggers and trucks for a few more months yet.  Despite the recent wet weather, we remain on track to start building new homes later this year.  All our structural engineering designs are now in and the detailed architectural plans and specifications are being finalised ready for lodging the building consents with Council.

Purchase enquiry is high and sales have been flowing through with many buyers already living in or near Waterloo who love the area and want to trade up, seeking all the benefits of buying brand new.  We also have some first home buyers and investors who can see the quality, convenience and great value on offer.

Give Linette Bradbrook or Mark Phillips a call to see just how easy it can be to own a home here at The Lane – Waterloo.

You can contact Linette on: 021 225 6453 or

Or Mark on: 027 443 8069 or

MAY 2019


Things are progressing along nicely.  We have been marketing these brand new homes for a few months now and several are now sold unconditionally.  Don’t hesitate to contact our agents if you want your choice of location and house type.

Demolition work is now underway and we have our Civils contractor RDL Group locked in for the Earthworks & Infrastructure stage which will be starting immediately after demolition and carry on through to November.  You’ll see a lot of activity on the site over the coming months so feel free to drive past on Freyberg Street for the best view of progress.  We’ll also be posting images on the website as work continues.  We do ask that you stay off the site at all times now that we have physical works firmly underway.  Our contractors will be enforcing strict health and safety standards on site.

Our architects have also been working hard refining the detailed designs in anticipation of lodging the building consents.  We have re-released the artist impressions and walk through to better reflect these detailed drawings and to show the final exterior colour selections and cladding details.

Stay tuned for more updates.


March 2019



The Hutt City Council has granted the Resource Consent for this housing project which is a major hurdle overcome.  This gives us a lot of confidence to now proceed to planning and contracting the physical work stages.  We have already begun some work around the site as we prepare for demolition and have tenders out for the Earthworks and Infrastructure stage.  We’re also talking to multiple construction companies for the house building phase which will follow later this year.  In the meantime, you can secure one of these fantastic homes by contacting our real estate agents today:

Linette Bradbrook
Cell phone: 021 225 6453

Mark Phillips
Cell phone: 027 443 8069

There’s a lot to do now for the project team and we’re excited to bring you these new homes as soon as possible.

February 2019

Planning Stage!

‘The Lane – Waterloo’ is the latest medium density residential development from the team at Urban Plus. Situated in the quiet suburban surrounds of Waterloo, this fantastic location is so close to a wide range of amenities on the valley floor.

Our project team has been working extremely hard with the Hutt City Council and local neighbours over the recent months on the Resource Consent application. While we await the outcome of the regulatory process we’ve also been planning for the next stage so, all things going well, we aim to get the civil infrastructure underway by mid-2019 and the home construction well underway by the end of the year.

We’ve looked at site layout and configuration, density, materials, access to sun, landscaping, engineering, utilities, traffic, internal layout, privacy (for both owners and neighbours), maintenance, sun-shading…… you name it, we’ve thought about it.

As developers with a social conscience, we know how hard it is to get onto the property ladder these days. To address this challenge, we’re working hard at keeping the cost of these homes as reasonable as we can with some starting from just $550,000. This could be a great opportunity to secure your first home, downsize or simply get into a brand new, architecturally designed home in Waterloo.

Subject to the outcome of the consenting process, we’re looking forward to bringing these products to market, and getting into the civils and construction phases as soon as possible. If you’re interested in one of these townhouses, get in touch with one of our agents today on:

Linette Bradbrook
Cell phone: 021 225 6453

Mark Phillips
Cell phone: 027 443 8069

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